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Rare Breed Poultry Farms is a 4th generation farm in the US MidWest. RBPF is intent on saving breeds disappearing in other countries and protecting the rarest birds in the world: Ayam Cemani and Svart Hona (Swedish Black Flower). Around 2008 RBPF began a voyage beyond brooding and hatching traditionally known layer flocks and began raising Seramas, micro-chickens of Malaysian origin. Within two years the quest for knowledge and learning curve of rare breeds "circled the globe and landed here" our guide explains nodding towards a small village of coops "First you have laying pullets for the neighbors, imported English Orphingtons, pet faves like the Polish, anything w/ furry feet and a top knot, snow chickens, those little Malaysian fireballs (weighing less than 12 oz.), show quality chickens for FFA and 4H kids, free-ranging meat chickens and auto-sexing chickens." Other critters sounding off in the background include dogs, macaws, peacocks and an occasional horse whinny.

In an on-going effort to 'fight crime' RBPF collects unwanted roosters from other trusted breeders. These roosters are pasture raised and at the end of their life butchered and donated to local food banks. A few months scratching ground, catching bugs and playing in the sun is better than no life at all (we won't mention here what usually happens on factory farms)! RBPF helps disabled and stay-at-home Mom's and families w/ providing small flocks of rare breed chickens and instruct how to make extra money to make ends meet while at home.

We're looking in the future to import and continue to save more breeds from extinction around the globe. We're not the first to come up with this concept, hats off to folks like Green Fire Farms who have made a large contribution in protecting and sharing these beautiful rare breeds.

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